About US

Global Scientific Forum is formed to pursue the common and collective goals of the research scholars in order to endorse exchanging of their innovative ideas and know-how which facilitate the collaboration between them of the same field or interdisciplinary research. We host every year interdisciplinary conferences, meetings, workshops, webinars on cutting-edge basic and applied research in the field of medicine, life sciences, pharma, engineering, healthcare and technology delivered by the experts across the globe. The conferences organized by us showcase latest innovative research on newest scientific achievements in addressing critical challenges and translational research from university to industry.

Learning is a continuous process. Conferences are intended to bring people together, to connect people with ideas, and to connect people with opportunities. The primary goal of Global Scientific Forum conferences is to bring together the energy of like-minded individuals in order to shape the future of research, which in turn will shape the future of the world.

Our Aim

To bridge the gap and bring together renowned scientists, researchers, young practitioners along with industry experts and senior associates to exchange knowledge, new advancements and challenges facing in their fields, through round table discussions, debates, symposiums, workshops, b2b meetings and poster presentations.


To raise the bar on excellence in the sphere of academic, scientific and professional conferences and through which to provide thought-provoking opportunities for people to share their thoughts and experiences.


Our mission is to give high-quality scientific content to the researchers, deliver an outstanding delegate experience, and provide fantastic networking opportunities to passionate individuals in science, medicine, pharma, engineering and technology. Alongside our goal is partnering with research community and business people for proper translation of scientific discoveries and innovative ideas into implementable solutions which might be beneficial for mankind.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to international scientific events, we have mastered the art of smooth preparation and execution. Through high-level academic contacts and industry suppliers, we may utilize our additional value and insight to increase event attendees and generate sponsorships. At the end of the day, we know what's important and what needs to be done, as well as how to execute it.