Scientific Sessions

Acute and Chronic Pain
Advances in Internal Medicine
Ambulatory Medicines
Anesthesia as Pain Drug
Anesthesia in Pain Treatment
Anesthesia risk and assessment
NSAIDS and Analgesics
Orofacial Pain
Pain Relief analgesics
Surgery Anesthesia
Basics of Pain Management and Rehabilitation
Cardiac Anesthesia
Neuropathic Pain & Neuro Orthopaedics
Pain Management and Rehabilitation
Headache and Migraine
Natural Supplements for Pain Management
Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Pain Management
Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Pain Medicine
Infectious Diseases
New Frontiers in Neuropathic Pain
Anesthetics Impact on Brains
Regenerative Medicine
Pediatric Pain Management
Physical and Physiological Approaches in Pain Management
Arthritis and Inflammation
Cancer Pain Medication
Non pharmacological Pain Management Therapies
Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Pain Management in Nursing
Pain Medication
Spinal Anesthesia
Cancer Pain Management
Interventional Pain Medicine
Drug Discovery and Development
Chronic Pain Management
Drugs and It's Side effects
Chronic Pain and Prevention
Pain Research and Managements
Pain Management Medications
Physical and Physiological Approaches in Pain Medicine
Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
Pharmacological Approaches for Pain
Pharmacological Pain Management and Pain Management Techniques
Pain Syndromes and Its Types
Pediatric Anesthesia
Post-Surgery Anesthesia
Public Health and Community Medicine
Complication of Anesthesia