Speaker & Poster Guidelines

Global Scientific Forum takes pride in organizing conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops to exchange of ideas and knowledge between scientists, students and researchers in the field of science, medicine, engineering, and technology, in a collaborative manner. We are also proficient to organize in-person and hybrid events where you can interact, connect and engage with your peers.

Here you have a quick view over the general guidelines of speakers and poster presentations:

Speaker Guidelines

  • It is recommended that all presenters be present in the meeting room from the start of the conference to be aware of any program changes.
  • Every speaker is allowed to have 20-25 minutes for presentation, in which 5 minutes are allowed for introduction and questions. In order to stay in track of time, please ensure that you start and end your presentation on the times indicated in the schedule.
  • The presentation must be in English.
  • Laptop, digital projector and cordless micro-phone with basic sound system will be provided by us, while presenter must carry the presenting materials (ppt or pdf etc.) in a flash drive, or presentation file can be sent to our email id.
  • Before the session begins, please double-check that your presentations are working properly.
  • Presenting material must be clear and legible enough.
  • Presentation slides are requested to submit 10-15 days before the conference.
  • Personal computers are not suggested until absolutely necessary due to the tight timeframes and the need to minimize technical difficulties.
  • Presentation file must be compatible to Windows (ver. 10) or MAC System.

Poster Guidelines

Here are the general guidelines to the poster session:

  • All posters will be allotted with a poster number in final program. Presenters must locate their assigned poster display, which will be numbered, and hang their poster 1 hour before the poster session starts.
  • Posters are needed to be prepared in advance.
  • Mounting pins and hanging materials with adhesives will be provided.
  • Onsite printing will not be facilitated.
  • Necessary illustrations, drawings, charts, etc., are needed for discussion should be prepared in advance as materials.
  • No commercial activities or endorsements will be allowed to display on the posters. Non-compliance with such rule will result in the poster being removed without any excuses.
  • Presenters may locate posters in the assigned display area which will be allotted with certain poster number in the final program.
  • Display area (aka, poster dimension) on the poster board is 1x1M (vertically or horizontally).
  • Presenters are advised to respond perfectly at their posters regarding any query discussion with interested viewers during the full poster session.
  • You need to collect your poster by end of the day; we dispose the posters left behind.
  • Best Poster(s) will be awarded by poster judge and announced at the end of the session.