Scientific Sessions

Public Health and Epidemiology
Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Chronic Diseases
Clinical Trials and Research
Communicable and Non Communicable Diseases
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Community Health
Dental and Oral Health
Environmental Health
Food and Nutrition in Public Health
Global Health
Health Economics
Health Information Technology
Health Promotion and Communications
Health Services Research
Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Infectious Diseases
Injury Prevention and Control
Medical Lab Sciences and Public Health
Mental Health and Mental Disorder
Minority Health and Health Disparities
Non-Communicable Diseases
Nutrition in Disease Prevention
Obesity, Weight Management and Bariatric surgery
Occupational Safety and Health
Oral Health
Parasitology and Public Health
Population Sciences
Public Health and Disability
Women, Adolscent and Children
Veterinary Public Health
Social Determinants of Health
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Risk Assesment, Preparedness Response and Recovery
Public Health Practice
Public Health Policy & Management
Public Health Nutrition
Public Health Nursing
Public Health Medicine
Public Health Leadership
Public Health Genetics and Genomics
Public Health Ethics and Law
Public Health Epidemiology
Public Health Education
Biostatistics in Public Health
Aging and Public Health
Lighting Technologies for Improved Health and Well-being